06 Vanbnb

Vanbnb is the logistical arm of Softwine Market.

A core belief of Softwine Market is that there is enough available land in MoCo so that MoCo can become the breadbasket of the D.C. region. A related belief is that the workforce to farm the land is right here also: recent high school graduates who are not going to college; soldiers returning to civilian life and who are seeking jobs.

The question arises of where the workers will be housed. Vanbnb addresses this housing question. Vanbnb also addresses the marketing of produce online, and the transportation issues related to distributing the produce directly to consumers.

An interesting aspect of Vanbnb is the idea of using a distributed storage facility concept. This includes short-term leasing of excess refrigeration space in people’s homes and in restaurants.

Vanning in Place

“Vanning in Place” is a way of preparing for living out of a van. The way to start is to get into the right frame of mind. There are thousands of videos on YouTube about the vanning life. This includes many channels devoted to van life. There are forums, too. Here is one. Here’s another one.