Van is the logistical arm of Softwine Market. This includes
– housing
– clothing
– feeding
– transporting
– training
– communicating with
– and paying suburban agricultural workers;
– as well as teaching practical techniques for van living.

We believe that there is enough available land in MoCo so that MoCo can become the breadbasket of this region. A related belief is that the workforce to farm the land can be supported by working the land.

The question arises of where the workers will be housed. Van addresses this housing question.

Van also addresses the marketing of produce online, and the transportation issues related to distributing the produce directly to consumers.


Softwine sub-ag workers will live out of vans. Some people jump right into the van life. The approach at Softwine is to encourage those new to van life to van in place, also know as static vanning, in order to train and accustom themselves to the rigors of van life.

The first step is to get into the right frame of mind. There are thousands of videos on YouTube about the vanning life. This includes many channels devoted to van life. There are forums, too. Here is one. Here’s another one.


According to, “van” is defined as:

-the foremost or front division of an army, a fleet, or any group leading an advance or in position to lead an advance.

-those who are in the forefront of a movement or the like.

-the forefront in any movement, course of progress, or the like.

And the origin is:

First recorded in 1600–10; short for vanguard

“Van” is also defined as:

-a covered vehicle, usually a large truck or trailer, used for moving furniture, goods, animals, etc.

-a smaller boxlike vehicle that resembles a panel truck, often has double doors both at the rear and along the curb side, and that can be used as a truck, fitted with rows of seats, or equipped with living quarters for traveling and camping.

-a small truck, as one used by tradespeople to carry light goods.

-Also called van conversion. a conventional van whose cargo area has been equipped with living facilities, extra windows, and often increased headroom.

And the origin is:

First recorded in 1820–30; short for caravan

Thus, Van is a vehicle for a cutting edge social movement.