01. Nomad

You will find nomads in Softwine City. Here are some articles about nomad life.

On keeping warm

The weather begins to turn cool in MoCo around the end of October. In general, people begin heating their dwellings at that time.

A nomad also heats the nomadic dwelling. But first, a nomad takes steps to insulate the nomad’s body to preserve the heat the body generates.

Here is a classic Low Tech Magazine article about the insulating properties of clothing.

After years of experimenting, I wear clothing that uses a variety of insulating material. The list below of these materials is not meant to be complete. A more complete list might include synthetic materials, which I tend to avoid, as well as natural materials like silk, camel, and the elusive vicuña, that are harder to find. It might also include clothing that incorporates material that reflects heat, such as Mylar, the stuff Party balloons are made out of.

Herewith is the list of materials I wear: cotton, merino wool, cashmere, down, alpaca, leather, fur. For example, my base layer top is merino. A second base layer is a duo-fold crew which is made of cotton and merino and a touch of nylon.

Some more articles discussing the properties of clothing material:
On wicking properties of polyester, and breathability of cotton.

On wool.

On sleep

A nomad sleeps twice in the night. Cf. this article and this one.