by Joe Orlow, Softwine Market, Market Manager

The pushcart brings to your neighborhood food you can order online from a farmers markets.

The pushcart sends you alerts via text, email or social media about produce available at local farmers markets. You can purchase the produce online, and then pick it up locally that day in your neighborhood. Thus, the pushcart enables you to buy produce from a farmers market, even if you can’t make it in-person to the market.

There are dozens of farmers markets in the DC area. Here is one list. Here is another list.

The farmers markets are generally open one day a week for around four hours.

Let’s consider, for an example, that I go to the Crossroads Farmers Market. When the market, I survey what is being sold there. I take pictures and descriptions and upload that information to the pushcart webpage. I then send out texts and/or emails to people who have signed up for pushcart notifications.

These people can then order the food they want. I then bring it back to Kemp Mill where it is available to be picked up.

I also bring back a little extra for those who did not pre-order.

Customers can pay for the produce using PayPal, Zelle or cash.

For those who want to help those in need in the community, Softwine Market will be crowd funding donations. That is, collecting small donations to pay for produce for those in need. For example, fifty people might pledge $1/week for families with limited food budgets.

When possible, I will try to get discounts for customers. For example, leftover produce at markets is not generally reduced in price. The logic behind that is explained in this article.

However, vendors may be willing to give a bulk discount.

We offer delivery food to homes within a limited radius of the produce pickup location. Also, we can arrange “cartpools” to have others deliver your produce to your home.

Joe Orlow