Business Internship

Internships at Softwine Market are an opportunity for someone to work for the company and gain valuable experience in business.

-Internships are not salaried positions.
-Interns share in profits company makes.
-Interns make their own hours
-Interns determine their own role in the company
-Interns can can move on at any time without giving notice.

The overarching goal of the sub-ag project is to:

1. Farm lower MoCo (Silver Spring, Bethesda, etc). The primary way of doing this is through yardens (yard gardens).

2. Move on to add farmland in upper MoCo

3. Produce food in lower and upper county, and to produce industrial hemp once it becomes totally legal to grow here (right now only one person is growing it for research).

4. Set up living arrangements for employees of this venture.

To reach these four goals, we will take incremental steps.

Invite the community to participate in Softwine Market conference calls. These are daily calls Mon – Fri. Details about the calls can be found here.

The purpose of the daily telecon is to clarify what Softwine Market is all about. The various parts of the market are all on this website. But how the pieces fit together may not be clear. The telecons are a way to clarify this.

Survey the community through online surveys and in-person surveys done at local farmers markets and by going door-to-door. The surveys will have a dual purpose. We will learn if there is a market for the services Softwine Market offers. And people who are surveyed learn about Softwine Market.

Digital Pushcart
Deliver food to people from local farmers markets. Buying food in bulk and selling it to customers.

Van Vin
Create spaces that are low cost alternative living conditions for workers.

Produce food: grow fruits and vegetables, stock fish ponds, milk goats, raise goats for meat.

Invite telecon participants to meet in person at other venues in realspace and online. This includes at farmers markets; at their homes; on the street, such as at Metro stops; through online devices: emails, local listservs, social media, video conferencing; at meeting spaces such as Takoworks, a rentable space; and at public spaces, outdoors and indoors, such as the civic center, library, mall, and neighborhood parks throughout Silver Spring and Takoma Park, which are our areas of concentration.

Some of these places intersect. For example, we may advertise in online then meet in person at the library.

As the Market implements the above step, we will also educate the public people about the use of cryptocurrency and PayPal.

Other activities for interns include accounting for money coming in and out. That is, keeping spreadsheets. The market has a dedicated bank account, crypto account, and Paypal account.

Keeping the market journal current, and setting up greenhouses and high tunnels are some other activities.

Every step along the way we record our activities. This record will be the material from which interns can draw to add to their resumés as they go on to “real jobs”. Here is a link to the internship journal page.