00. Staff

The staff at Softwine Market runs Softwine Market.

Currently, Joe Orlow is the only one on staff.

His job is to generate ideas for the daily teleconferences. He finds a new idea, articulates it, reformulates it, transforms it, analyzes it from multiple angles, and then presents it to the teleconference. In a sense, he runs run a machine shop for new idea, making prototype concepts that are then run in factory production discussions.

He is also in charge of planning market activities. This role involves networking people together. The idea is to keep the channels of information open through this website, social media, live and recorded audio and video, email, texting, as well as the phone.

Below is a meta-journal documenting staff activities.

Here’s an article from ModernFarmer.com about standards. Warning: some coarse language.

Some of the platforms we use are Disqus, Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, YouTube, and, of course, WordPress, the host of this website. There is one another platform we use. And that is Gab.

Gab is the Wild West of social media. There is almost no policing there. Content that could get someone banned from Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube is par for the course on Gab. The Softwine Market name at Gab is “Softwine”.