30. Protocommunes Teleconference


I and others are working to start agriculculture based communes. This is in line with a long tradition of agricultural communes throughout American history.

I call these communes in formation protocommunes.

My commune is called Reckon

I decided it might be helpful to myself, and for others living in protocommunes elsewhere, to be in communication about our efforts to upgrade to full commune status.

In line with that, we have an almost daily teleconference. We also use social media, as well as to start an online forum, to explore in more detail some of the subjects we discuss in the calls.

Here are the details for the teleconference:
The teleconference runs from noon 12:00 pm EDT to 1:00 pm, Sun – Fri.
This is the number to call to join the teleconference:
This is the conference ID to enter at the prompt:
The mnemonic for the conference ID is C0mmune# where “0” is the zero key.
Check back here for the exact schedule of the calls, or send an email to
courier@softwine.press for regular updates
. You can also call the teleconference and enter the ID to get a recorded message abougt the topics being discussed.

If you are having trouble signing in, you can text me during the call at 240-850-5386.

The purpose of these calls is to create an alliance of protocommunes where people are living minimally and off the land. People who call in can learn about communal living in general, can get to know each other, and can work together to figure out how they are going to transform their protocommune to full commune status.