00. Moving to the city

This section is for those thinking of settling in Softwine City.

Everyone is welcome to visit Softwine City.

To become a Softwine City resident, however, one has to agree to our conflict restrictive covenant (CRC) policy. Here is a link to the Wikipedia article on covenants.

The Softwine City CRC is modeled after “property covenants”. A CRC is a set of rules for Softwine City residents. The rules are implemented and enforced by the staff at Softwine Market.

The main rule is: “No feuding.” Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on the topic of feuding.

At this point, if someone wants to become a resident of Softwine City they can do so. The desire to live here is sufficient to establish residency. Visitors are welcome to stay and continue exploring the town.

It should be clarified that feuding does not mean disagreeing, having a vigorous discussion, debating, and so on. Feuding means fighting for the sake of fighting alone, and not fighting for some higher purpose. Disagreeing on which is better — vanilla or chocolate ice cream — is not a feud. Becoming convinced that chocolate is better than vanilla, than professing to like vanilla more simply to prolong the battle, is feuding.

For the benefit of those who just can’t let go of their desire to feud, please continue below.

This section for confirmed feuders only, or for those needing to deal with potential feuders.

All the rest of the rules are basically commentary on the main rule. That is, the other rules are just the means of how to get to the point of not doing to others what you yourself find distasteful if done to you. Of not feuding.

We are steadfast in implementing and enforcing the CRC. Ironclad. Unbending. Fixed and inflexible. Rigid.

Ironically, this often leads to feuds. Some people choose to live their life feuding. And any attempt to dissuade them leads to, well, a feud.

An effective tool to avoid a feud is keeping a journal. We hope to soon add more pages on the subject of how to keep a journal.

For those who are new to journaling, here are some thoughts on the subject.

A Surefire Formula to Avoid a Feud

Here is a formula to avoid a feud.


A: Appointment
If someone speaks to you and wants to instigate a feud, then tell them this:
“You need to make an appointment to speak to me.”

P: Pay
If they agree to an appointment, that’s a good sign. Make an appointment with them. Then, inform them that there is a charge to speak with you.

E: Ears
If all has gone well so far, there is is no need to do more. The attempt to feud has been neutralized. However, if they just can’t wait till their appointment and insist on setting the parameters of the discussion and thus keep talking, then you must move away and/or block out their speech. Block their speech by donning ear protection. Put earplugs in your ears. And/or earmuffs over your ears.

C: Charge
Once you tune them out and they back off/down, then all is well. If they persist in such a manner that the situation has crossed the threshold of harassment, then remove the ear protection, and inform them that they are being charged for your time. Then hand them a bill.

Hopefully, that will end the harassment. If that fails, you may need to call the police. Or, in extreme cases, and consistent with local law, and dependent on the circumstances, the situation may require the use of pepper spray/foam, a taser, a strobe light, automatic emergency calling device with integrated GPS, or even the use of a handgun.

In general, you should video the event, ideally with a camera worn on the body. Also, it is good to practice this kind of a situation with a friend playing the attempted feuder. Always keep in mind that the best policy is retreat whenever possible.