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Live in the City

This section of the Softwine Market website is a handbook for navigating Softwine City.

Softwine City is a distributed sub-city within the real city. Softwine City encompasses private, public and virtual spaces.

Softwine City is a mindset. It’s a decision to live sustainably. Residents tune-out anything that distracts them from that goal. And tune-in places online and in the offline world that keep them on track.

Consider this section of the website to be a gateway, a runway, a landing pad for the desire to live in harmony with the world around us.

Everyone is welcome to visit Softwine City. (If you are thinking of settling here, here is a link to the “Moving to the city” page.)

And now, prepare to disembark for your stay in Softwine City…

National Capital Farms
Here is a link to the National Capital Farms website. This particular link is to the MoCo page.

Here’s a quote from the National Capital Farm home page. Emphasis added:

“The National Capital Farms network is a project of the Metropolitan Washington Regional Agricultural Workgroup. The Regional Agricultural Workgroup aims to protect and promote agriculture in the Washington Metropolitan Area by investigating potential approaches for sustaining an economically viable regional agricultural system through better support of farms, farmers, farm activities and programs and marketing of local agricultural products in the Washington Metropolitan Area. The Workgroup seeks to establish and maintain a network among agricultural professionals, local farmers, farmers markets, businesses and others to address common issues of regional coordination and advocacy. The Workgroup also functions as a forum for disseminating agricultural information among members, the farm community, elected officials and citizens.”

The three highlighted areas are:

1. Making farming profitable.
2. Networking farmers and those selling farm products.
3. Education.

This dovetails with the goals of Softwine Market to educate people about the latent agricultural potential of MoCo; to bring together and train people to garden, farm and market; to raise capital and invest it in farming projects in a way that ensures the system is economically viable.

Craft Brewery
Here is a link to an article about craft beer brewing. We’re not much into beer here at Softwine Market. We are into promoting friendly companies that use local ingredients and produce locally, though. Quote from article: “Robison [co-founder of new brewery near Silver Spring Metro] said the brewery is adopting the motto of ‘Experience Gemütlichkeit,’ a German word that he said means a ‘feeling of warmth and belonging and just kind-natured behavior.'”

Here is a link to an article about changing the law to make it easier to start a craft brewery.

Takoma Park Street Festival
Annual event.

Here is the link to the vendors list.

B. Willow
There are many roads that lead to Softwine City. Entering through the door of B. Willow is one such path.

An indoor dweller can tend to set the rythmns of their life according to clocks and artificial schedules. The rythmns of nature are then often considered inconvenient and out-of-sync. B. Willow re-aligns indoor dwellers with the world outside through small and large-scale interior plant design for homes, businesses, offices, & any indoor space. B. Willow is a Baltimore company considering expanding to the DC area.

Here is the link to

Softwine City Office Space

Place Tempo
An article about an app to find public spots to work.

More info can be found here.


Takowork is a shared office in Takoma Park.

Air Crete
Air Crete video. A building material suitable for Softwine City.

Bike Sharing
Here is an article about bikesharing.