06. Kashrus

This page is about the Self Supervision Kashrus System. I developed this system as an alternative Kosher supervision method. The following will expand on this.

The Halacha, according to my understanding, is that one witness is sufficient to establish that food is Kosher. In general, one witness is sufficient in regard to establishing the status of things that can be forbidden or permitted.

The witness can be a man or a woman who is Halachically knowledgeable and reliable. Thus, a butcher who is reliable does not require a separate Kosher supervisor in his store. The meat is Kosher if the butcher says it is Kosher and if he knows the Laws of Kashrus.

Many stores producing Kosher food have owners who are not Halachically reliable. If such a store wants people who keep kosher to purchase their food, they can hire a Kosher supervisory organization. This organization may station a reliable witness in the store in order to establish the food in the store is Kosher.

Again, such a supervisory witness, called a Mashgiach, is Halachically redundant when the owner is a reliable witness. Still, it has become the custom for many not to eat in an establishment unless it is under the Hashgacha of a reliable supervisory organization.

The Self Supervision Kosher System (self-supe) takes a different approach to Kosher supervision.

First, all self-supe stores are owned by reliable and knowledgeable owners. Next, every aspect of the store’s operation is documented and placed on a publicly accessible website by a Mashgiach hired by the store to be an independent ombudsman. Finally, every customer is permitted to enter the kitchen at any time that it is in operation.

The sum total of this approach is that the store’s kitchen becomes an extension of your kitchen. You browse the website information. You go in the kitchen.

You presumably are aware of the provenance of the food and utensils in your own kitchen. You have access to your own kitchen. And you have this same type of knowledge and access at sel-supe stores. You trust the Kashrus of your own kitchen. If you like what you find on a stores associated self-supe webpage, then you can be confident that the food you buy there is Kosher.

Peruse our premises, our pages, and pepper the Softwine Market Mashgiach with your Kashrus questions. We welcome inquiries and investigations. Find out about the food and utensils; about how the food is prepared; and about the people preparing it. Know as much as if you had prepared the food yourself with your own handpicked kitchen staff.

The pictures, videos, and text on the Self Supervision site are all presented to you courtesy of the Softwine Market Mashgiach, Eli.

Softwine Bakery, Cafe & Grill uses the Self Supervision Kosher System.


Castile soap is the soap exclusively used by all employees, and it is made in-house. It is soap whose only ingredient is olive oil.