12. Membership

The members of AyeNay are all registered voters. However, if someone is not a registered voter, such as someone under eighteen years old, they can become a resident of Softwine City and participate in a simulation of AyeNay.

Each AyeNay member has an AyeNayme in the following format:

ST is the two character abbreviation for the state in which they are registered to vote; or DC for residents of Washington DC.

XY is the two-digit Congressional district in which they are registred to vote; “00” for residents of Washington DC.

ABCDEF is a unique six-digit code that identifies them. AyeNay assigns this six-digit number.

Mr. Plainer lives in the first Congressional district of the State of Simulate. He was assigned “000001” as his code. Thus, Mr. Plainer’s AyeNayme is SE01000001.

MD08000000 Decarian