02. Ayenay Party


A division of Softwine Market.
Ayenay is a program to increase participatory democracy in MoCo.

AyeNay has three goals.

(1) To completely eradicate all campaign fundraising. The line between fundraising and bribery is just too blurry.

(2) To make democracy completely transparent.

(3) To increase participation in democracy by making it easier for citizens to be involved.

This article asks the question:
“‘If politics is an expression of our human will, on individual and collective levels, then the attention economy is directly undermining the assumptions that democracy rests on.’ If Apple, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat are gradually chipping away at our ability to control our own minds, could there come a point, I ask, at which democracy no longer functions?”

AyeNaye does an end-run around that question and leverages the smartphone as a device that encapsulates democracy.