99. Softwine domains

Many pages on this website have their own domain name. A page having its own domain name allows Softwine Market to advertise a part of the website with a domain name that goes directly to that section.

For example “softwine.press” goes to the Softwine Press page.

Herewith then is a listing of all the domains associated with this Softwine Market website, and which kind of page they map to.

ayenay.party -> AyeNay Party
bethesda.press -> Bethesda Press
coop.press -> Co-op Press
co-op.press -> Co-op Press
hempmarket.press -> Hemp Market Press
hempthreads.press -> Hemp Threads Press
hotelgoat.club -> Hotel Goat
mill.cafe -> The Mill Cafe
noir.land -> Land Noir
softwine.date -> Calendar
softwine.market -> Home
softwine.city -> Softwine City
silverspring.press -> Silver Spring Press
subag.capital -> Suburban Agriculture Bank
takoma.press -> Takoma Park Press
themill.press -> The Mill Press
threads.press -> Threads Press
ti-me.design -> Time Design
ti-me.systems -> Time Design