95. Advanced tips on how to use this website

The Softwine Market website is built to be a basic website. The focus is on the content. At a later stage we hope to upgrade the aesthetics of the site.

The site uses the WordPress platform. The WordPress platform automatically adjusts the presentation of the website based on the device of the user. For that reason, some of the descriptions here are just general directions.

Tip 1: Pages
Most of the site consists of stand-alone pages. All of these pages are listed in the pages menu.

Top tier pages are referred to here as “parent” pages. Sub-pages are called “child” pages.

Each parent page (except for the home page) is numbered. For example: “01. Sub-Ag Bank”. Child pages are also numbered.

The page menu might be at the top of the page and have to be pulled down. It might be on the side of a page and constantly displayed.

Tip 2: Posts
Posts are also pages, but are not numbered.

The post menu might be at the top of the page and have to be pulled down. It might be on the side of a page and constantly displayed.

Tip 3: Commenting
Some pages and posts have a comments section at the bottom. Comments are moderated.

Tip 4: Accessing Pages Directly
The URL of pages generally has a format like this:


where the parent-page-name might be “softwine”.

Only child pages have a child-page-name.

Many pages have their own domain name. For example, the sub-ag page has a domain of:

Those pages with their own domain name will have their domain listed at the top of the page under the title.

The reason we purchased a separate domain for some pages is that we are anticipating a point in the future where those pages will grow to where they deserve their own website. Another reason is that when we promote certain ideas, it makes it easier to direct readers right to the the page we are promoting.

For example, when we hand out a flyer promoting the Sub Ag Bank, it can read:

Sub-Ag Bank

as opposed to reading:
Sub-Ag Bank

Tip 5: Links
Links on this website are in a different shade than the rest of the text. The links text is slightly greyer. We’ve also underlined each link to make it more apparent that it is a link.

Tip 6: Email addresses
All email addresses have this format:


but are listed on this site as:

To email us, it is required to remove the brackets. We do that to throw off the bots that crawl the web collecting addresses for their nefarious spam masters.

Tip 7: We’re accessible
We’re open Sunday morning to Friday afternoon around the clock most weeks of the year. If you reach out to us and we don’t get back to you within a day or so, try us again. Check the Softwine Market calendar also for when we’re available.

Tip 8: Search the site
A search box is available in the posts menu.

The Co-op @ Softwine Market hopes you will enjoy your visit here.

The Co-op @ Softwine Market
(202) 251-3866