Softwine Market

Softwine Market
A Marketplace of Ideas

11200 Bybee Street
Silver Spring MD
(202) 251-3866

Here is the central idea of Softwine Market: There is room in Montgomery County (MoCo) for more companies focused on sustainable industry.

The role of Softwine Market is to promote this idea. Softwine Market promotes the idea by introducing the public to local companies who have sustainable goals.

We connect companies and people through online activities and through distributing material to people at farmers markets, on the streets, and by going door-to-door.

Below are featured companies.

Some of these companies are divisions of Softwine Market. The other companies share similar goals of providing local residents with local, sustainable products.

The companies listed here (aside from the Softwine Market divisions) are not part of Softwine Market in any way. The companies are listed here for promotional reasons only. We want them to succeed. We feel that their success is the success of all residents of MoCo. Softwine Market does not receive any compensation for listing these companies aside from the satisfaction of advancing our shared, common goals .

We hope that visitors will take the time to learn more about these companies. When possible, we include contact information. Otherwise, you may contact Softwine Market and we will relay your message.

B. Willow
A city dweller tends to set the rythmns of their life according to clocks and artificial schedules. The rythmns of nature then are often considered inconvenient and out-of-sync. B. Willow re-aligns indoor dwellers with the world outside through small and large-scale interior plant design for homes, businesses, offices, & any indoor space. B. Willow is a Baltimore company considering expanding to this area. Here is the link to

Kensington Heights
Would you be ready to take your lifesavings and/or put yourself in debt to preserve a local parcel of land from sub-development? A group of friends did just that not far from Westfield Mall. They are turning the land into gardens, a forest refuge, and an artists colony. Their stated goal is to expand beyond their borders to surrounding residential homes, encouraging neighbors to garden more. To visit, contact Softwine Market and we’ll introduce you to the owners.

Takoma Park Co-op
The Takoma Park Co-op supports the local food industry. The co-op is also taking the lead in organizing all Maryland co-ops into an alliance. The website has a list of the many local food producers who sell their products through the co-op. Here is a link to  Here is a link to an article about the origin of the TPSS Co-op.

Lady Farmer
Lady Farmer is located in the MoCo Ag Reserve. Here is a quote from the Lady Farmer website: “Join our community. We’re a sustainable apparel company, but we’re about more than clothes. We’re a farm-to-closet revolution for the do-ers, the dreamers, the mothers, the daughters, the farmers and the seekers.” Here is a link to

Paca Summit
Paca Summit is an ecologically-friendly company. Paca Summit designs and produces organic hand-knit headwear and specialty outerwear. Our clothing has a fashion-forward flair. We practice a holistic environmental approach to apparel manufacturing through: 1) meticulous planning; 2) sensitivity to natural resource consumption; 3) exercising responsible treatment of animals. All our products are made in the United States. Paca Summit’s founder grew up in Montgomery County and his company is located here.

A division of Softwine Market.
A core belief of Softwine Market is that there is enough available land in MoCo so that MoCo can become the breadbasket of the D.C. region. A related belief is that the workforce to farm the land is right here also: recent high school graduates who are not going to college; soldiers returning to civilian life and who are seeking jobs. The question arises of where the workers will be housed. Strawbed addresses this housing question. Here is a link to the Strawbed front page

ecobeco is a house remodeling company. Tag line quote from the ecobeco homepage: “Creating comfortable, beautiful, energy efficient homes….”. And from the About page: “Your quality of life is our business. We believe that all homeowners should live in comfortable, efficient, healthy homes. ecobeco is your trusted partner for whole home design that impacts you and your family, your community, and the environment in positive ways.” The ecobeco blog can be a portal to learn about other local companies.Here is a link to the ecobeco blog post promoting Amicus Green Building Center. Here is the link to the homepage

Suburban Agriculture Bank
A division of Softwine Market.
The SubAg bank raises capital for local sustainable efforts. It might be for a for-profit company like Lady-Farmer. It could be for a non-profit like CKC Farming. Here is a link to the SubAg.Capital frontpage.

Hotel Goat
A division of Softwine Market.
Hotel Goat, true to its name, is a hotel for goats. MoCo residents can send their goat to Hotel Goat, where their goat will be milked daily for them by a Team Goat member. The fresh, raw goat milk is then available for pickup by the goat’s owner. Here is a link to the Hotel Goat frontpage.

Softwine City
A division of Softwine Market.
Softwine City is a distributed city within the city. A network of places that collectively form a sustainable whole. Softwine City encompasses private, public and virtual spaces. Here is the link to the Softwine.City frontpage.

Mill Café
A division of Softwine Market.
Located at Softwine Market headquarters. Here is the link to the Mill.Cafe frontpage.

Ayenay Party
A division of Softwine Market.
Ayenay is the political arm of Softwine Market.

S o f t w i n e   P r e s s
A division of Softwine Market which encompasses these sub-presses:

Threads Press
Threads Press has articles about local companies that are producing threads, cloth, and clothing. Companies like Lady Farmer and Paca Summit. Here is a link to to the Threads.Press homepage.

Hemp Market Press
Hemp is a versatile crop. Hemp can be made into fiber, food, and fuel. In particular, hemp fiber can be used to make hemp clothing. Local companies are involved in making hemp products. Local nonprofits, universities, and government agencies such as the Montgomery Countryside Alliance, UMD Extension Service, and the MoCo government, are also contributing resources to the effort to create a local hemp industry. Note: this effort is not related to the marijuana industry in any way, shape or form. Follow their activity at Hempmarket.Press

Hemp Threads Press
Hemp Threads Press focuses on local companies that make clothing from hemp. Here is the link to HempThreads.Press front page.

The Mill Press
Articles about Kemp Mill.

Takoma Press
Articles about Takoma Park.

Silver Spring Press
Articles about Silver Spring.

Bethesda Press
Articles about Bethesda

Co-op Press.
The co-op at Softwine Market is a group of people running Softwine Market as a cooperative enterprise. Co-op Press is a meta-journal documenting the activities of the co-op. Here is a link to the Co-op.Press frontpage.

The Co-op @ Softwine Market


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