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Suburban homestead living

Project Suburb has three parts.

The first part is a list of local companies that sell sustainable living products and services.

The second part is a more detailed introduction to this network local companies selling sustainable products and services such as food, clothing, and shelter.

The third part is a list of educational institutions like the University of Maryland Extension office, and of advocacy groups like the Montgomery Countryside Alliance, that play a vital role in educating both producers and customers on the practicsl aspects of living sustainably.

Here is the link to the suburb section of the website.

Housing for local workers in sustainable industry

Here is the link to the Van front page

Hotel Goat
Accomodations for goats

Hotel Goat is a bed and breakfast for goats. Hotel Goat club members board their goats at Hotel Goat.

Here is the link to the Hotel Goat gateway.

Farmers Market Pizza
Pizza baked in mobile pizza ovens

Farmers Market Pizza takes its portable ovens to local farmers markets.