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Homestead life in the suburbs

Suburb is a project involving local companies that sell sustainable living products and services. The idea is to connect these companies to each other, to educational institutions. like the University of Maryland Extension office, and to non-profits like the Montgomery Countryside Alliance; and ultimately with residents of MoCo.

The more that MoCo residents become aware of companies selling sustainable products and services, the more likely they are to pstronize these companies. The more they learn the theoretical underpinnings of sustainable living, the more they will demand sustainable products for their basic needs of food, clothing, asnd shelter.

Here is the link to the suburb section.

Housing for local workers in sustainable industry

Here is the link to the Van front page

Hotel Goat
Hospitality for goats, including room service, milking service, and spa

Hotel Goat is a bed and breakfast for goats. Hotel Goat club members board their goats at Hotel Goat, where their goat will be milked daily for them.

Here is the link to the Hotel Goat gateway.

Softwine City
A handbook for navigating Softwine City.

Softwine City is a distributed sub-city within the real city. Softwine City encompasses private, public and virtual spaces.

Here is the link to the Softwine.City gateway.

Farmers Market Pizza
Pizza baked in “meanwhile” ovens

Farmers Market Pizza takes its mobile “meanwhile” ovens to local farmers markets. FarmersMarket.pizza is the domain FarmersMarket.pizza. Click on it to go to the Farmers Market Pizza section.


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