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Softwine Market Calendar

Suburban agriculture

Suburb is a project to network local companies that promote sustainable living. This network is a cooperative industry that provides MoCo residents with food, clothing, shelter and more.

Softwine Market is part of this co-op of companies that encompasses for-profit initiatives, non-profit organizations, and government and educational institutions working together to advance opportunities for sustainable living in Montgomery County.


Softwine Market Digital Pushcart

The Inn at Softwine Market
Van provides housing for Softwine Market workers.

Here is a link to the Van front page

Hotel Goat
Hospitality for goats, including room service and milking service

Hotel Goat, true to its name, is a barn and breakfast for goats. Each Hotel Goat club member can board his or her goat at Hotel Goat, where their goat will be milked daily for them by a Team Goat member. The fresh, raw goat milk from each goat can then be delivered to the club member.

Here is a link to the Hotel Goat gateway.

Softwine City
A handbook for navigating Softwine City.

Softwine City is a distributed sub city within the real city. The sub city is a network of places that collectively form a sustainable whole. Softwine City encompasses private, public and virtual spaces.

Here is the link to the Softwine.City gateway.

Softwine Bakery
Bread baked in a portable wood burning oven.

Softwine Market takes it’s mobile wood burning oven to local farmers markets. Softwine Bakery is the core business of Softwine Market.

Here is the link to the Softwine Bakery gateway.

Online political communications that users can respond to quickly and easily.

Ayenay is a project to increase participatory democracy in MoCo. AyeNay members vote on issues that face elected officials.

Here is the AyeNay project gateway

Softwine Press
Softwine Press reports on local sustainable projects. It encompasses the entire spectrum of sustasinble projects: from those in the concept stage to those that are profitable. Learn more at Softwine.Press

Softwine Market Staff
The staff at Softwine Market runs Softwine Market.
Here is a link to the staff gateway.

The Staff @ Softwine Market



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